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Ding Chuan Tang (5:1/100g); Ephedra & Ginkgo Seed Combination 定喘湯 Ding Chuan Tang (5:1/100g); Ephedra & Ginkgo Seed Combination 定喘湯
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Dao Chi San (5:1/100g); Guide Out the Red Powder 導赤散
Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San (5:1/100g); Free & Ease Wander Plus 丹梔逍遙散
Da Jian Zhong Tang (5:1/100g); Major Construct the Middle Decoction 大建中湯
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San (5:1/100g); Ligusticum ChuanXiong Powder; 川芎茶調散
Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang (5:1/100g); Bupleurum Spreading Formulaa; 柴胡疏肝湯
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang (5:1/100g); Bupleurum & Kudzu Root Combination; 柴葛解肌湯
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (5:1/100g); Five Restoring Decoction; 補陽還五湯
Bei Mu Gua Lou San (5:1/100g); Sichuan Fritillaria & Trichosanthis Fruit Formula; 貝母瓜蔞散
Bai Tou Weng Tang (5:1/100g); Chinese Pulsatilla Combination; 白頭翁湯
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Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan 血府逐瘀丸

Part Number NL-8X75
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan 血府逐瘀丸
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan 血府逐瘀丸
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Blood Palace

  • Cerebral thrombosis
  • Neurosism
  • Sequelae of concussion of brain
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Chronic pulmonary heart disease
  • Diverticuluym of esophagus
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Interstitial pneumonia
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Lobar pneumonic consolidation stage
  • Belching
  • Adhesive ileus
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Allergic colitis
  • Hypertension
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache due to blood stasis
  • Adenofibroma of breast
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Allegic purpura
  • Angina pectoris
  • Sexual hypo function
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Headache
  • Diabetes
  • Puerperal hypogalactia
  • Edema
  • Prostatic hyperplasia 
  • Male sterility
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Intractable pain in the penis
  • Phallocrypsis 
  • Lew feber
  • Cold limbs 
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding 
  • Tremor
  • Cervical spondylopathy
  • Behcet's syndrome
  • Thoraco - epigastic phlebitis
  • Traumatic hemathorax
  • Traumatic pneumothorax
  • Intrahepatic hematoma
  • Chloasma
  • Erythema multiform
  • Erythema nodosum
  • Chronic urticaria
  • Calculus of kidney and hydronephrosis
  • Vitiligo
  • Hoarseness
  • Menopausal syndrome
  • Feverish sensation in chest during menostruation
  • Premenstrual fever
  • Tremor during menstruation
  • High fever with a feeling of burning of limbs during menstruation
  • Tinnitus and deafness
  • Amentia after artificial abortion
  • Retention of dead fetus
  • Rupture of corpus luteum of woman
  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • Sudden lose of vision 
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Vacal nodules Globus hystericus
  • Migratory arthralgia
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Tao Ren (Peach Seed), Hong Hua (Safflower), Chuan Xiong (Sichuan Lovage), Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root), Niu Xi (Achyranthes Root), Zhi Qiao (Fructus Aurantii), Chi Shao (Peony), Jie Geng (Platycodon Root), Chai Hu (Bupleurum Root), Di Huang (Rehmannia), Gen Cao (Licorice).

0.2g x 200 pills/ tablets per bottle

Suggested Usage: 
Take 6 pills/  tablets with warm water, 2 to 3 times daily, or consult your health care practitioner.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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成份: 桃仁,紅花,單身,川芎,當歸,牛膝,枳殼,赤芍,桔梗,柴胡,生地黃,甘草。

TCM 藥理: 活血化瘀,行氣止痛。

適用於: 瘀血凝阻,血行不暢,兼挾肝氣鬱滯,症見頭痛,痛有定處如針刺,胸痛,脅肋痛日久不愈,飲水即嗆,干嘔,呃逆日久不止,心悸怔忡,夜不能寐,心神不安,急躁善怒,入暮潮熱,舌質暗紅,舌邊有瘀點,脈澀或旋緊。

  • 腦血栓形成
  • 神經衰弱
  • 腦震盪後遺症
  • 冠心病
  • 慢性肺源性心臟病
  • 食管窒室
  • 再生障礙性貧血
  • 斑禿
  • 間質性肺炎
  • 胃潰瘍
  • 大葉性肺炎實變期
  • 噯氣
  • 粘連性腸梗阻
  • 腸術後粘連
  • 胃術後粘連
  • 慢性肝炎
  • 過敏性結腸炎
  • 高血壓
  • 癲癇
  • 瘀血頭痛
  • 乳房纖維腺瘤
  • 痛經
  • 過敏性紫癜
  • 心絞痛
  • 性功能低下
  • 腦震盪後遺症
  • 支氣管哮喘
  • 頭痛
  • 糖尿病
  • 產後缺乳
  • 水中
  • 月經性氣胸
  • 前列腺肥大
  • 男性不育症
  • 尿崩症
  • 頑固陰莖疼痛
  • 陰縮症
  • 地熱
  • 胸冷症
  • 肢冷如冰
  • 功能性子宮出血
  • 震顫症
  • 勁椎病
  • 白塞綜合徵
  • 胸腹壁靜脈炎
  • 外傷性血胸
  • 外傷性氣胸
  • 肝內血腫
  • 黃褐斑
  • 多形性紅斑
  • 結節性紅斑
  • 慢性蕁麻疹
  • 腎結石並腎積水
  • 白癜風
  • 音啞
  • 更年期綜合症
  • 經行胸中發熱
  • 經前發熱
  • 經行震顫
  • 經行四肢灼熱
  • 耳鳴耳聾
  • 人流術後精神失常
  • 胎死不下
  • 婦人狂症
  • 黃體破裂
  • 口舌乾燥症
  • 暴盲
  • 過敏性鼻炎
  • 聲帶小結
  • 梅核氣
  • 盆腔瘀血綜合徵
  • 痛風
  • 彌漫性血管內凝血
藥理研究: 【桃仁】潤腸通便。

包裝: 0.2g x 200顆/每瓶

用法用量: 每次用溫水服用6顆,每日2-3次;或遵醫囑。


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