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Tea Plus for Cholesterol 神奇降脂茶

Part Number NL-1833
Tea Plus for Cholesterol 神奇降脂茶
Tea Plus for Cholesterol 神奇降脂茶
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Tea Plus for Cholesterol

Helps to balance cholesterol.

Huang Qi, Shan Yao, He Ye, Qing Qiang Liu.

  • Once per day, after breakfast, brew 2-3 tea bags with hot water (only) for 5-10 minutes and drink the tea warm. Please refill and keep drinking the tea 3-4 times or till the tea becomes flavorless.
  • Do not drink the tea cold.
  • Do not drink with an empty stomach.
Not suitable for people under 18 years of age, and women during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

2.5 g x 30 tea bags/box.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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  • 平衡血脂
  • 降低心腦血管疾病的發生
  • 健康養生
  • 美國製造,100% 純天然草本配方,安全可靠。
100% 純天然草本成分:  
  • 黄芪補氣固表,利尿托毒,排膿,斂瘡生肌。用於氣虛乏力,食少便溏,中氣下陷,久瀉脫肛,便血崩漏,表虛自汗,氣虛水腫,癰疽難潰,久潰不斂,血虛痿黃,內熱消渴;慢性腎炎蛋白尿,糖尿病。
  • 山藥補脾養胃,生津益肺,補腎澀精。用於脾虛食少,久瀉不止,肺虛喘咳,腎虛遺精,帶下,尿頻,虛熱消渴。麩炒山藥補脾健胃。用於脾虛食少,泄瀉便溏,白帶過多。
  • 荷葉清熱解暑,升發清陽,涼血止血。用於暑熱煩渴,暑濕泄瀉,脾虛泄瀉,血熱吐衄,便血崩漏。荷葉炭收澀化瘀止血。用於多種出血症及產後血暈。
  • 青錢柳:  青錢柳是中國特有的天然保健食品資源。其葉可炮製成茶,開水沖泡代茶飲,具有很好的調節血糖的保健功效,青錢柳葉富含鍺、硒、釩、鋅、鐵、鈣等多種微量元素,具有良好的防治心血管疾病和糖尿病等現代慢性病的效果,同時還能有效降低甘油三酯和膽固醇,
温馨提示: 懷孕及哺乳期婦女在使用前請諮詢健康專家。

包裝  2.5克 x 30袋 / 盒。 

  • 每天1次,用開水沖泡1-2袋,趁熱飲用,可以反复沖泡,當茶飲1天
  • 請於溫熱時飲用,忌冷飲
  • 不要空腹飲用


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