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Ling Shu Acupuncture(English version)

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Ling Shu Acupuncture(English version)
Ling Shu Acupuncture(English version)
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Ling Shu Acupuncture (English version)bring the wisdom of the Ling Shu into clinical practice* The Ling Shu reveals true acupuncture wisdom* Without knowing the Ling Shu, you cannot know genuine acupunctureThis book is the first of its kind ever published in any language that has systematically drawn into context the cryptic lessons of the Ling Shu.Written in the poetic and antiquated language of Ancient China, the Ling Shu is nearly undecipherable to most readers. The writing style usedby the ancients does not pattern throughout its discourse. By introducing the material of the Ling Shu in a systematic arrangement, this modernwork is written to reveal the otherwise confusing teachings of the revered classic of acupuncture. it is not simply a traslation of the Ling Shu,it is a study and a portal into Ling Shu acupuncture practice with an emphasis on elucidating the wisdom behind genuine acupuncture.-Emphasis is on clinical applications of genuine Ling Shu acupuncture protocols-Apply Ling Shu acupuncture in a clear and systematic manner-Discover the clarity and effectiveness of genuine acupuncture theory and practice from the Ling Shu-Grasp the original teachings of the Ling Shu theory and practice as the true nucleus of acupuncture literature-Detailed discussion of subsequent classic texts in light of the Ling Shu's original teachings