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"Lekon" Infra-red Herbal Patch (weekly) 樂康遠紅外線消痛貼 (外用/七日型)

Part Number NH-2510B
'Lekon' Infra-red Herbal Patch (weekly) 樂康遠紅外線消痛貼 (外用/七日型)
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Lekon TAIYI Pain Relief Herbal Plaster  (with infra-red powder)

The Magic formula of TAIYI Herbal Patch is composed mainly of two types of material: 
  1. the 82 Chinese herbal medicines, a formula based on the Ming Dynasty, including such as Chuan Wu, Cao Wu, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Cang Zhu, Chuan Duan, Zhui Di Feng, Huo Xue Teng, Huo Xue Mu etc. which can promote blood circulation, relief the joint pain, dispel the cold, wind, swelling and so on. 
  2. far-infrared powder. 

TAIYI Herbal Patch is for fast and long lasting Pain Relief! Including neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain, muscle spasms, painful joints, sport injury pain, arthritis or bursitis pain, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, traumatic injury and more. 

Long Lasting Pain Relief and Speedy Recovery! -Best in Market!! 

Chuan Wu, Cao Wu, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Ma Huang, Cang shu, Chuan Duan, Du Jiao Wei Ling Xian, Zhui Di Feng, Huo Xue Teng, Huo Xue Mo, other Chinese herbs, and infra-red powder.

Peel off liner, then apply patch to the center of pain area or acu-points. Remove patch before shower, reapply it afterwards. Discard old adhesive tape when it loses stickiness. Then cut along the edge of the herbal patch, and line it with a new sheet of adhesive tape. 

Do not use on wound, irritated or broken skin. Do not use with Heating pad or apply external heat. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask your doctor before use.


  • Mr. Wang, 65-year-old, had difficulty walking and climbing stairs from excessive knee movement during exercise. Hospital treatments and a few other plasters had no significant effect on him, but TAIYI Herbal Patch was able to help him recover almost fully after only 2 months use. 
  • Mr. Gorden, a 26-year-old fire fighter, sprung his ankle during training, and had trouble walking ever since. Costly western medicine did not help him, but after using TAIYI Herbal Patch for only 3 treatments, he was fully recovered. 
  • Ms. Chen, 55-year-old, suffered from bone spur (osteophyte). It was painful to walk and climbing stairs was impossible. The condition lasted for about 5 years. Many different types of treatment that she tried were unsuccessful to help. But after using TAIYI Herbal Patch for about 1 month, the pain was gone. When she went back to her M.D. for a new x-ray, the spur disappeared. 
  • Mr. Lee, 60-year-old, had mobility difficulty due to lumbar disc herniation. A variety of treatment was ineffective. After using TAIYI Herbal Patch for 3 months along with acupuncture treatments, his pain disappeared. 
  • Alan, 17-year-old, needed to walk with a cane because of lumbar disc herniation. He also had difficulty turning in bed. Western medicine was unhelpful, but after using 2 patches of TAIYI Herbal Patch he had significant improvement. After continued use of 15 more patches, he could walk independently without any aids. 
  • Ms. Tsui, 73-year-old, had arthritis for many years. Her knees were swollen and she was unable to walk for two years. All kinds of treatments she tried had no significant effect. After using TAIYI Herbal Patch for about three months, she can now walk with ease. 

  • Overall: 3.5" x 4.24" 
  • Herbal Paste: 2" x 3"
1 sheet per pack (1 patch lasts for 7 days)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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樂康遠紅外線消痛貼 (外用/七日型)

  • 快速持久消除疼痛: 急、慢性關節炎 風濕、類風濕性關節炎 腰椎間盤突出 肩周炎、頸椎炎 骨質增生 腰腿疼痛、跌打損傷 坐骨神經痛 肢體麻木症。
  • 市面上最有效對抗頑固性痛症的最佳選擇
  • 100% 純天然草藥配方,無毒無副作用,安心使用

100% 純天然主要成分: 

  • 川烏:祛風除濕,溫經止痛。用於風寒濕痺,關節疼痛,心腹冷痛,寒疝作痛,麻醉止痛。
  • 草烏:祛風除濕,溫經止痛。用於風寒濕痺,關節疼痛,心腹冷痛,寒疝作痛,麻醉止痛。
  • 當歸: 補血活血,調經止痛,潤腸通便。用於血虛萎黃,眩暈心悸,月經不調,經閉痛經,虛寒腹痛,腸燥便秘,風濕痺痛,跌撲損傷,癰疽瘡瘍。酒當歸活血通經。用於經閉痛經,風濕痺痛,跌撲損傷。
  • 川芎:活血行氣,祛風止痛。用於月經不調,經閉痛經,癥瘕腹痛,胸脅刺痛,跌撲腫痛,頭痛,風濕痺痛。
  • 桃仁:活血祛瘀,潤腸通便。用於經閉,痛經,癓瘕痞塊,跌撲損傷,腸燥便秘。
  • 紅花:活血通經,散瘀止痛。用於經閉,痛經,惡露不行,癥瘕痞塊,跌撲損傷,瘡瘍腫痛。
  • 麻黃:發汗散寒,宣肺平喘,利水消腫。用於風寒感冒,胸悶喘咳,風水浮腫;支氣管哮喘。蜜麻黃潤肺止咳。多用於表症已解,氣喘咳嗽。
  • 蒼朮:燥濕健脾,祛風散寒,明目。用於脘腹脹滿,泄瀉,水腫,腳氣痿躄,風濕痺痛,風寒感冒,夜盲。
  • 川斷:補肝腎,強筋骨,續折傷,止崩漏。用於腰膝酸軟,風濕痺痛,崩漏,胎漏,跌撲損傷。酒續斷多用於風濕痺痛,跌撲損傷。鹽續斷多用於腰膝酸軟。
  • 威靈​​仙:祛風除濕,通絡止痛。用於風濕痺痛,肢體麻木,筋脈拘攣,屈伸不利,骨哽咽喉。
  • 追地風:舒筋活絡,祛風活血。用於風濕筋骨痛,四肢關節酸痛。
  • 活血藤:治急、慢性闌尾炎,風濕痺痛,赤痢,血淋,月經不調,疳積,蟲痛,跌撲損傷。

1 片膏貼 (一片膏貼可用7天) +4 片備用膠貼/包




  1. 皮膚破損、骨折、或對本品過敏者忌用。
  2. 孕婦及哺乳期婦女禁用

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