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Gua Sha Tool - Crystal Fish 刮痧板- 粉晶魚

Part Number NA-1302D
Gua Sha Tool - Crystal Fish 刮痧板- 粉晶魚
Gua Sha Tool - Crystal Fish 刮痧板- 粉晶魚
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Gua Sha Tools- Crystal Fish

Gua Sha tool made from natural materials is non-toxic to the human body non-irritation and chemical adverse reactions. 


about 1.5" x 4.75"

  • Gua Sha is a traditional natural therapy, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory: use Gua Sha tools, wiping meridian points or skin to stimulate and improve micro-circulation, expels wind and cold, heat and dampness, promotes blood circulation, relieves pain, enhances the body's own potential disease resistance and immune function, so as to achieve and uphold the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.
  • Gua Sha can dilate capillaries and increase secretion of sweat, promote blood circulation, help to improve high blood pressure, stroke, muscle aches and other cold-induced arthralgia.
  • Gua Sha can play adjustment through the air, relieve fatigue, increase immune function.
  • Asked: before Gua Sha, consult a professional for advice and common sense precautions. 
  • Preparation: prepare complete Gua Sha appliances and supplies, checking for cracks Gua Sha plates, the edge is smooth, whether rounded corners, thickness is moderate, scraping with a lubricant if ready, so as not to hurt the skin.
  • Select a Position: depending on the desired wiping the site, select the appropriate position.
  • Apply Gua Sha Oil: make sure the wiper parts evenly coated Gua Sha oil to avoid harming the skin, the amount should be thin. Excessive amount, it will be shed along the skin dirty clothes, is not conducive to the wiper.
  • Wiping: right hand holding Gua Sha tools, flexible use of wrist, arm strength, from light to heavy, according to a certain direction of the wiper. The angle of Gua Sha tool and skin should be 45 °.
  • Time: for each scratch about 20 times and each wiping time no more than 10-20 minutes is appropriate. For the first time to Gua Sha, the way should not be heavy and time should not be long. Do not wipe the some position within 3-6 days.
  • After wiping: use a clean towel or paper towel to wipe out Gua Sha oil and get dressed, drink a cup of warm water or salt water to supplement the body fluid digestion, promote metabolism, speed up the discharge of metabolic products, rest for 15 to 20 minute.
Gua Sha has many benefits, but before and after the operation should pay attention to the following points to  prevention of disease, or causing new trouble.
  • During the treatment, should pay attention to room temperature, especially in winter and cold air should be avoided. Wiping in the summer, you should try to avoid the fan directly blows on the treatment area.
  • After wiping, avoid to take a cold beth or swim within 30 minutes.
  • Avoid wipe the same spot within 3 to 6 days.
  • After wiping, please drink a cup of warm water and rest for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Do not do Gua Sha treatment on: pregnant women; leukemia, thrombocytopenia; highly allergic skin, or suffering from skin disease; heart disease, heart failure occurs, renal failure, cirrhosis, severe systemic edema; drunkenness, hunger, satiety, thirst, fatigue person.
  • Please consult professionals before Gua Sha.
Potentially infected wounds or wounds
Bleeding-prone diseases
Critical illness
New fractures occurred
Infectious skin disease
Sexually transmitted skin disease
Frail elderly
Pregnant women
Women's menstrual
Scraping or having to face the fear of allergy

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

For practitioner's and wholesaler's accounts, please login to your accounts for wholesale price.





大約:1.5" x 4.75"

  • 刮痧是傳統的自然療法之一,它是以中醫皮部理論為基礎,利用刮痧器具,刮拭經絡穴位或某處皮膚,通過良性刺激,使刮拭處充血,改善局部微循環,起到祛除邪氣、驅風散寒、清熱除濕、活血化瘀、通絡止痛,以增強機體自身潛在的抗病能力和免疫機能,從而達到扶正祛邪、防病治病的作用。
  • 刮痧可以擴張毛細血管,增加汗腺分泌,促進血液循環,對於高血壓、中暑、肌肉酸痛等所致的風寒痺症都有幫助改善作用。
  • 刮痧,可起到調整經氣、解除疲勞、增加免疫功能的作用。
  1. 詢問解釋:向專業人士諮詢刮痧的常識及注意事項。詢問有無刮痧的禁忌情況,根據其體質強弱和年齡的長幼,掌握刮拭的手法及力度。
  2. 準備工具:準備齊全刮痧器具與用品,檢查刮痧板有無裂紋,邊緣是否光滑,邊角是否鈍圓,厚薄是否適中,刮痧用的潤滑劑是否備好,以免傷及皮膚。
  3. 選擇體位:根據所需刮拭的部位,選擇合適的體位。
  4. 塗潤滑劑:請務必在刮拭部位上均勻塗上刮舒潤滑劑以免傷及皮膚,用量宜薄。用量過多的話,會順著皮膚流下弄髒衣服,不利於刮拭。
  5. 刮拭:右手持刮痧工具,靈活運用腕力、臂力,由輕到重,按一定的方向刮拭。刮具一般與皮膚呈45°角,用力均勻,按壓的力量要深透到深層組織,刮拭面要盡量拉長,皮下出現輕微紫紅或紫黑色痧點、痧痕即可。
  6. 刮拭時限:每個部位刮約20次左右,每次刮拭的時間以10-20分鐘為宜,對初次刮痧者,手法不宜重,時間不宜長,對一些出痧少或不出痧者,不可一昧片面強求出痧,間隔5~7天再進行第二次刮拭。
  7. 刮後處理:刮痧完畢後用乾淨的手紙或毛巾將潤滑劑擦拭乾淨,穿好衣服,喝一杯溫開水或淡鹽水,補充體內消化的津液,促進新陳代謝,加速代謝產物的排出,休息15~20分鐘。


    1. 刮痧治療時應注意室內保暖,尤其是在冬季應避寒冷與風口。夏季刮痧時,應迴避風扇直接吹刮試部位。
    2. 刮痧出痧後30分鐘以內忌洗涼水澡。
    3. 前一次刮痧部位的痧斑未退之前,不宜在原處進行再次刮試出痧。再次刮痧時間需間隔3~6天,以皮膚上痧退為標準。
    4. 刮痧出痧後最好飲一杯溫開水,並休息15~20分鐘。以補充氣陰。
    5. 以下人群慎用或忌用:孕婦;白血病,血小板減少者;皮膚高度過敏,或患皮膚病的人;心髒病出現心力衰竭者、腎功能衰竭者,肝硬化腹水,全身重度浮腫者;醉酒、過飢、過飽、過渴、過度疲勞者。
    6. 刮痧前請諮詢相關專業人士。
    • 傷口或潛在感染傷口
    • 出血傾向的疾病
    • 危重病症
    • 新發生的骨折
    • 傳染性皮膚病
    • 性傳播性的皮膚病
    • 年老體弱
    • 空腹
    • 妊娠婦女
    • 婦女經期
    • 面部對刮痧具有恐懼或過敏者

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