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For Diabetes Capsules 糖寧膠囊

Part Number NL-28D10
For Diabetes Capsules 糖寧膠囊
For Diabetes Capsules 糖寧膠囊
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for Diabetes

A Dietary Supplement, helps to balance blood sugar.

• FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose) average reduction is 10.6 to 6.9 mMol (average reduction of 34.9%)
• PPG (Post Prandial Glucose) average reduction is 19.8 to 11.1 mMol (average reduction of 43.93%)
• Triglycerides 1.13 to 0.89 (average reduction of 21.23%)
• LDL-Cholesterol average reduction of 20%
• HbA1C 9.5 to 7.5 (average reduction of 21.05%) 

  • Results will very but glucose decrease takes approximately 1-2 weeks after taking this product. FOR DIABETES CAPSULES is not a rapid action formula, but will work slowly and continuously to sustain metabolic shifts for healthy glucose management.
  • Many People experience some increased intestinal activity and/or flatulence. This is a positive transient and it is not a sign of adverse effects.
  • No adverse effects have been reported other than the mild intestinal activity noted above.
  • FOR DIABETES CAPSULES  is formulated to help stabilize blood glucose and will not cause Hypoglycemia. However, oral medications and especially insulin should be monitored and lowered as need.
  • Type 1 diabetics can use FOR DIABETES  CAPSULES. Many find it necessary to reduce insulin dosage.
  • Type 2 diabetics who are using insulin have also reported reducing oral drugs as well as reducing insulin dosage.
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Turmeric Root (Huang Jiang), Cinnamon Root (Rou Gui), Citrus Bioflavonoids (Chen Pi), Banana Leaf (Lagerstroemia Speciosa), Carnitine, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Resveratrol-Extracted from Grape Skins, Hibiscus Flower, Apocynum (Luo Bu Ma).

SUGGESTED USE:  As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 3 times a day with warm water, or consult your health care practitioner.

PACKAGE: 600 mg x 60 capsules/bottle

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.



使用糖寧膠囊12週後的數據 (第二型):
  • FBG (空腹血糖值)平均減少10.6至6.9毫摩爾 (平均減少34.9%)
  • PPG (餐後葡萄糖)平均減少19.8至11.1毫摩爾 (平均減少43.93%)
  • 三酸甘油酯1.13至0.89 (平均減少21.23%)
  • 低密度脂蛋白膽固醇平均降低20%
  • 糖化血紅蛋白9.5至7.5 (平均減少21.05%)
  • 服用本產品約1至2週後葡萄糖會明顯的下降。寧膠囊是以穩定及循序漸進的速度維持血糖健康穩定的代謝管理。(各人視體質狀況服用糖寧膠囊後的結果不盡相同)
  • 有些人會在服用本產品後會有腸活動增加和/或胃腸脹氣,此屬短暫的正常反應。
  • 除了以上所述的輕微腸道活動外,糖寧膠囊配方無不良影響的報告。
  • 糖寧膠囊糖寧膠囊配方幫助穩定血糖並不會引起低血糖。除此之外,應定時監控血糖以降低口服糖尿病藥物和胰島素注射的用量。
  • 多數服用糖寧膠囊後的1型糖尿病患者已減少胰島素用量。
  • 多數服用糖寧膠囊後的2型糖尿病患者也已減少胰島素及口服藥物的用量。

  • 薑黃破血行氣,通經止痛。用於胸脅剌痛,閉經,癓瘕,風濕肩臂疼痛​​,跌撲腫痛。
  • 肉桂補火助陽,引火歸源,散寒止痛,活血通經。用於陽痿,宮冷,腰膝冷痛,腎虛作喘,陽虛眩暈,目赤咽痛,心腹冷痛,虛寒吐瀉,寒疝,奔豚,經閉,痛經。
  • 陳皮提取物理氣健脾,燥濕化痰。用於胸脘脹滿,食少吐瀉,咳嗽痰多。
  • 蕉葉治心火作燒,肝熱生風,除煩解暑。利尿,治腳氣,外用可消臃腫。
  • 左旋肉鹼促進 脂肪轉化成能量,服用左旋肉鹼能夠在減少身體脂肪、降低體重的同​​時,不減少水分和肌肉,在2003年被國際肥胖健康組織認定為最安全無副作用的減肥營養補充品。
  • 維生素 B7維生素b7對於治療動脈硬化等心腦血管疾病有著較為重要的效用, 可以明顯的提高皮膚血管中的血液迴圈速度。
  • 維生素 B12維生素B12是一種能營養神經系統的重要物質,它能使注意力集中,增進記憶力和平衡感,增進食慾。
  • 葡萄皮提取物氧化功用,能削減因氧化發生慢性病的風險,有益於防止冠心病和小動脈的硬化。植物抗毒素,有抗菌、抗炎、抗氧化、抗癌的活性,並具有避免低密度脂蛋白氧化,按捺血小板凝聚的效果。
  • 木槿花清熱涼血,解毒消腫。用於痢疾,痔瘡出血,白帶;外用治瘡癤癰腫,燙傷。
  • 羅布麻平肝安神,清熱利水。用於肝陽眩暈,心悸失眠,浮腫尿少;高血壓,神經衰弱,腎炎浮腫。

用法用量: 每次用溫水服用 2 粒,每日 3 次;或遵醫囑。

包裝: 每瓶 600 毫克 x 60 粒膠囊


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