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Ai Ye (10x) 艾葉

Part Number NL-7A06
Ai Ye (10x) 艾葉
Single Herb Extract Powder (Concentrated) Ai Ye 艾葉
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Ai Ye 

LATIN: Artemisia Argyi
ENGLISH: Chinese Mugwort

PROPERTIES:  Pungent, bitter, warm
CHANNELS:  Liver, spleen and kidney
Warm meridians and stop bleeding, dispel cold, prevent abortion. It is used for:
  1. dispelling cold and warming qi and blood 
  2. regulating menstruation 
  3. preventing abortion
  • Do not use for those with Blood Heat. 
  • Do not use for those with Yin Deficiency. 
  • Do not use for those with high blood pressure 150/90. 
  • Do not use for thosewith high blood sugar and acute infectious diseases.

PACKAGE: 100g/bottle

This product is for professionals only.


TCM 藥理:  
性味: 辛、苦,溫
歸經: 歸肝、脾、腎經
藥理作用/臨床應用: 溫經通絡,行氣活血,祛濕逐寒,消腫散結,回陽救逆,安胎。


包裝:每瓶 100 克


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